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Pathaal is a name for the shale rock that covers the roof of a traditional Pahadi home. It not only serves as a protective cover to a mud and stone house in the hills, but Pathaal also signifies the test of time that it has endured through the rapidly changing landscape, environmental changes and traditions of the Himalayas. With this germ of a thought, we started our journey of restoring our Himalayan Heritage and preserving the ones that have stood like everlasting rock through ages. Something that started as an experiment few years back has now become a life mission for us.

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“Preserving the past for saving the future”. Our initiative began with a calling from the hills that we call our Home. The hills that gave us not only a good life but a culture that we are utterly proud of. Restoring a house and rebuilding in an authentic pahadi architectural style served as a great moral boost and a nudge to do some more. We found more people enthusiastic about our efforts and ready to join in. But a global pandemic brought the world to a standstill. Looking at the worsening situation around us, our resolve to make our living healthy, self-sustaining and close to nature became stronger than ever. Now we are proud to say that we have sown a seed to preserve, restore and give to the world a treasure that we found in our homes. Our activities (both voluntary and business) are centred around our belief in natural living and we see this as a way to keep going ahead and make a better future.

OUR Mission:

To Restore, Revive and Preserve our heritage that has benefited us in the past and is going to provide for us in future as well. This mission has given us an invaluable experience of healthy living that is becoming a survival need of today’s times. We wish to share the same experience with other enthusiasts, travellers, nature lovers, agents of sustainable living and the likes by offering them to visit our homes and live in the lap of nature both for short and long stays.